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Full Form

Full form of RRC

1. Reactor Research Centre
2. Radio Resource Control

Radio Resource Control, a concept and a protocol name for a set of control messages
Railroad Commission of Texas
Range Resources (NYSE: RRC)
Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote, Pennsylvania
Regimental Reconnaissance Company, a specialized unit within the 75th Ranger Regiment of the U.S. Army
Regional Radio communication Conference of the International Telecommunication Union
Relief and Rehabilitation Commission of Ethiopia
Road Runners Club (UK)
Rolling resistance coefficient
Roman Republican Coinage, the name of a reference work on Roman Republican currency written by Michael H. Crawford
Root-raised-cosine filter, used in digital communication systems
Royal Red Cross; recipients may use the postnominal "RRC"
Rubber Reserve Company, pre-World War II US government agency that stockpiled reserves of natural rubber
Rules and Referee Committee