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Full form of JK Tyre

1. Juggilal Kamlapat Ji Tyres

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is an automotive tyre, tubes and flaps manufacturing company based in Delhi, India. The name JK is derived from the initials of Kamlapatji (1884–1937) and his father Seth Juggilal (1857–1922).[2] The company is the market leader in Truck/Bus Radial tire in India and is the only tyre manufacturer offering the entire range of 4 wheeler radials for Trucks, Buses and Cars.


  • To be amongst the most admired companies in India, committed to excellence


  • Be a Customer Obsessed Company - Customer First 24x7
  • No.1 Tyre Brand in India
  • Most profitable Tyre Company in India
  • Motivated and Committed team for excellence in performance
  • Be a Green Company
  • Deliver Enhanced Value to all stakeholders
  • Enhance global presence through Acquisition / JV / Strategic Partnerships